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Theft at Wilson Aquatic
CREATED: 07/03/13 by IronMike REPLIES:
IronMike's ravatar IronMike    JOINED: 6/11/13    POSTS: 48
Theft at Wilson Aquatic
POSTED: 7/03/13 9:01 AM

I had my swim bag stolen out of my car last Wednesday night at Wilson. My damn key fob battery has been losing power (reminder: Replace battery!), and I think as I was walking away from the car I heard the "beep beep" in my head but nothing actually happened.

I didn't notice until the next morning when I realized all the change between the cup holders was gone. I figured my idiot kids grabbed the change for some junk food or something, but Friday night when I opened up the back of the van to get my gear ready for a Saturday morning swim, I noticed my bag was gone.

So, now I get to re-buy everything: pull buoy, fins (time to upgrade!), paddles, goggles, suit, lock, finis tempo trainer (dammit!), shampoo and body wash bottles, flip-flops. Dammit!

I just thank God that I didn't have my Garmin 310xt in the bag.

MSP Coach

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