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Olympic Spot for NJ Tri...
CREATED: 07/12/09 by laytonpm REPLIES: 1
laytonpm    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 6
Olympic Spot for NJ Tri...
POSTED: 7/12/09 8:32 AM

Turning misfortune to opportunity...

While doing a solo bike training ride in May I wiped out, breaking my left hand. It could have been MUCH worse (tell all you know ALWAYS wear a helmet). Long story short, I will be unable to compete in the NJ tri (Olympic level). If there is any way I can pass my spot onto someone who may be interested in competing, let me know.

Shuddering evertime I see someone on DC streets riding without a helmet (and I see ALOT)...


P.S. This has in NO way diminished my desire to complete the TRI, and I look forward to seeing many of you in future training events. My hand will fully recover.

kvb0805    JOINED: 5/18/09    POSTS: 13
RE: Olympic Spot for NJ Tri...
POSTED: 7/12/09 11:42 AM


Sorry to hear about your hand! But it sounds like you're taking recovery in stride...glad to hear you'll be back once the hand recovers.

I'd definitely be interested in taking your spot, but I'm not sure the race directors will allow it. I'm technically on the wait list (which from my understanding is quite long), and a few weeks ago I emailed the RD to try and switch spots with another friend who is registered but not going to race. They basically told me they won't do a swap since there's a wait list, but you should let them know you won't be racing so they can open up a spot to someone else (perhaps i'm near the top of the list, but i'm not holding my breath...)

but if you want to try emailing the RD with your situation and see if they'd make a swap, i'd be happy to pay you for the registration fee you paid if they're willing to do it. drop me a line if this works-


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