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Philly Marathon
CREATED: 11/21/10 by siehndel REPLIES: 6
siehndel's ravatar siehndel    JOINED: 11/25/05    POSTS: 1104
Philly Marathon
POSTED: 11/21/10 2:20 PM

I'm sure there are others so please pipe in...

Adam Stolzberg sped his way through the course for a 2:58 marathon!

Abby Sanford also ran the half marathon with a great showing.

Anyone else out there?

dsgrunning's ravatar dsgrunning    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 1481
RE: Philly Marathon
POSTED: 11/21/10 2:44 PM

Kevin D'Amanda kicked some ass out there at 2:53:14

asovonick's ravatar asovonick    JOINED: 6/3/09    POSTS: 213
RE: Philly Marathon
POSTED: 11/21/10 3:11 PM

Lindsey Jerdonek, half-marathon, 17th female at 1:26:50. MIGHTY!

kev7's ravatar kev7    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 470
RE: Philly Marathon
POSTED: 11/21/10 7:14 PM

Adam ran an awesome negative split to PR by 9 minutes!

I hang tough running a 1:24:45 first half and limped in with a 1:28:29 second half. But that has always been my marathon creed: hammer the first half and hold on for dear life! Not recommended for most runners. :)

Great job to all the DC Tri racers today. It was perfect day for fast times.

abbyjs's ravatar abbyjs    JOINED: 4/7/09    POSTS: 699
RE: Philly Marathon
POSTED: 11/22/10 4:07 PM

Thanks for the shoutout! I ran this race with my sister, Emily, who doesn't really consider herself an endurance athlete (but she would be wrong about that).

About 4 months ago, she called me in my office and asked if I would run with her, to which I said, "Of course!"

She said, "No, I mean, would you run right next to me for 13.1 miles??" and I said, "OF COURSE!"

For the past 4 months, we ran together, and the miles disappeared as we chatted away. There was always a lot of work talk, "mom is crazy" talk, and boy talk. All good stuff.

Em was always very nervous about her ability to do long runs, so I could never tell her exactly how far we ran until we were done. I remember when we were about to finish her first 10-miler; she sort of figured it out as we were looping Hains Point! She was a little panicked, but she killed it, as usual.

On Sunday, Em was so nervous at the start line that she was almost in tears, but as we ran and chatted away 13.1 miles (with only mild cursing on the hills), I think she got her first dose of that drug of "I can do ANYTHING" that keeps me coming back to triathlons. We were both crying when we crossed the finish line.

She wants a little time to recover, but there is already some positive talk about the National half and the Virginia Wine Country half...

if only I could get her on a bike and in the pool...

jennycrawford's ravatar jennycrawford    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 38
RE: Philly Marathon
POSTED: 11/23/10 8:03 AM

I was there for the full! I PR'd on this one, but that was a little up in the air up to the last couple of miles. I "met" Abby on the course, thanks to all her DCTri gear and my Ragnar shirt. Fun seeing something familiar near that halfway point. Perfect weather for a marathon, and the town of Manayunk deserves a special award for their enthusiasm (and brownie bites!). Good place to put mile 20!

abbyjs's ravatar abbyjs    JOINED: 4/7/09    POSTS: 699
RE: Philly Marathon
POSTED: 11/23/10 8:56 AM

Jenny! Congrats on the PR! You looked really strong. It was nice to "meet" you, too. You'll have to tell me more about Timberman sometime. :)

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