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CREATED: 06/30/12 by Giovanni REPLIES:
Giovanni    JOINED: 2/23/11    POSTS: 18
POSTED: 6/30/12 12:37 PM

While participating in my first long course event at Eagleman, i was struck by the sheer number of athletes shamelessly drafting on the bike course.

I would like to hear some opinions about this subject.

Don't we think that a 4 minute penalty is not enough to discourage people from drafting in a long course event?
I mean: by drafting behind a faster athlete for the best part of 56 or 112 miles, one can gain way more than a 4 minute advantage over a non drafting athlete of similar strength.
The drafting athlete, if caught, would only enjoy 4 minutes of rest at the penalty tenth, and start again fresher and more rested than the non drafting athlete.

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