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Damaged Bike During Shipping
CREATED: 04/20/11 by rrmcdaniel REPLIES: 1
rrmcdaniel    JOINED: 2/7/11    POSTS: 6
Damaged Bike During Shipping
POSTED: 4/20/11 12:27 AM

I shipped my bike to CA because I have to be out here for work for the next 90 days. Bought a Thule hard case at my LBS and I, along w/one of the mechanics, broke it down and packed it up very carefully. Shipped it via FedEx Express. Got the bike out here in CA yesterday and when I opened the case to re-assemble there was nice dent/scratch in the frame by the bottle cage. Still can't figure out how it happened. Considering filing a claim w/FedEx since I did pay for insurance. Anyone have any experience w/a situation like this.

daveck7's ravatar daveck7    JOINED: 3/29/11    POSTS: 9
RE: Damaged Bike During Shipping
POSTED: 4/20/11 10:52 AM

Yes, FedEx has the best rates and I still use them, but they did damage a bicycle I shipped. My guess is the bike was on the bottom of a stack of heavy boxes or a safe. I filed a claim, but needed to show damage to the box and have an inspector come out. They originally denied the claim as I am sure is policy, but I got a fair settlement in the end. Email me if you want more details.

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