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Apartment for Rent
CREATED: 06/18/13 by tdworl REPLIES: 1
tdworl    JOINED: 11/8/12    POSTS: 6
Apartment for Rent
POSTED: 6/18/13 11:41 AM

My partner and I are looking for an apartment for rent - either short-term or 1-year lease. We are in the process of selling a house and looking for a 1 bedroom, 1 bedroom w/ a den or 2 bedroom. We do have a small (6 - 8lbs) toy poodle. Any leads are greatly appreciated! Thanks...

AROD    JOINED: 1/16/13    POSTS: 27
RE: Apartment for Rent
POSTED: 6/26/13 10:10 AM

Up to how much are you willing to pay in rent? There are some subleases that come up in my apartment building and also there are some apartments coming up for lease for year but they range from 1600+ to 1900+ for 1bed/1ba.

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