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Donating used bikes and helmets to Charlie's Place
CREATED: 06/15/12 by rachelricker REPLIES:
rachelricker    JOINED: 10/8/11    POSTS: 8
Donating used bikes and helmets to Charlie's Place
POSTED: 6/15/12 3:10 PM

My husband is on the board of Charlie's Place, a homeless outreach organization run through St. Margaret's Episcopal Church. One of the main focuses of Charlie's Place is job placement for homeless individuals living in the Dupont, Adams Morgan, and Columbia Heights communities. As part of this effort, they are developing a program to provide their clients with access to bikes and use of Capital Bikeshare as a mode of transportation to and from job trainings and interviews, and ultimately to and from work.

To get this program up and running, they are looking for donations of used bikes and bike helmets. I'm hopeful that among this many triathletes there must be a few such items lying around! Any donation is much appreciated, as long as it's still in safe (or easily repairable) condition. If you have something you'd be willing and able to donate, please shoot me an email ( or reply to this post with your email/contact info.

Thanks much!

For more info about Charlie's Place:

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