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EZ8 New Session Starting this coming week
CREATED: 04/27/14 by HillOE REPLIES:
HillOE's ravatar HillOE    JOINED: 3/2/09    POSTS: 79
EZ8 New Session Starting this coming week
POSTED: 4/27/14 5:16 PM

New to running? I was too when I joined DCTri 5+ years ago. I wasn't sure if the group workouts the club put on were my "speed" and I was pretty new to running. Kathy at EZ8 made it so easy to learn to run faster, better and more important I learned to ENJOY running! She does a women only in the morning (that's where i started) and now offers a Wednesday night mixed group. I've been to that group and they are a great bunch too.

Need a fun group to get those speed workouts in for the run portion of your tri training? If so, you can get race ready on Wednesday evening from 6:30-7:30pm for co-ed track night with the EZ8DC Running Boot Camp led by Kathy Pugh an RRCA, EZ8, and Newton Natural Running Form Coach.

We don’t technically run on a track but rather the National Mall. The patch of Mall between 4th and 7th st. is perfect for our workouts because we only have to run around 2X for 1 mile rather than 4X at a standard outdoor track. Traditional tracks always bore me and make me a little dizzy. You'll never be bored as we run past some of the most beautiful sights in the U.S. and it's never a dull moment on the Mall because you'll never know who'll we'll see (we've had many DC 'celebrity' sightings and been caught up in a few protests).

Next session starts Wednesday, April 30. Check<> for more information or contact Kathy directly at<>

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