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FS: Pink and Black Tri Kits
CREATED: 06/28/13 by blustinc REPLIES:
blustinc's ravatar blustinc    JOINED: 8/8/10    POSTS: 23
FS: Pink and Black Cycling and Tri Kits
POSTED: 6/28/13 10:49 AM


I've had several people in the club ask me about how to get the pink and black Seriously Styled kits they've seen around town. So, posting here for those whose emails I've missed and others that are interested.
See a picture of the tri kit below. Apparently wearing pink makes you faster - James below got 2nd place overall last weekend at Rev3 Willamsburg!

We order from Champion and sell them at cost. We also worked out a deal with them to get the lowest price they offer if we order any 5 pieces. If you click on each item in the price list you'll see a sizing chart as one of the options below the image. Also, if you have of the DC tri team gear from past years from Champion the sizing is pretty similar.—Except, we order the longer tri tops.

Here is the price list w/ sizing, our price is listed (under the column CS10).
If you are interested, just email me at with the exact name of the item, size, male or female, and cost listed. It takes about 6 weeks to get the items in from the order date.

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