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thefts at takoma rec pool
CREATED: 05/04/13 by tpulham REPLIES:
tpulham's ravatar tpulham    JOINED: 8/10/12    POSTS: 45
thefts at takoma rec pool
POSTED: 5/04/13 6:29 PM

On Friday night, my wallet was stolen from the Takoma Rec pool. Whoever did it broke the lock on my locker and took my wallet out of my pants pocket. (He also left my pants in a crumpled pile on the floor of the locker, which is just rude.) It also happened to at least one other guy there. So be careful leaving stuff in the lockers. (One of the staff recommended leaving belongings in a bag on the deck. Maybe that's better.) I'm hoping Debbie Hopkins will be able to track down who did this. Here's a possible lead: the thief spent more than $4500 at CVS on my credit cards.

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