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Clubbers in epic Skyline ride 6.27.14
CREATED: 06/26/14 by mosered REPLIES:
mosered's ravatar mosered    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 2218
Clubbers in epic Skyline ride SATURDAY 6.28.14
POSTED: 6/26/14 9:08 AM

This SATURDAY, JUNE 28. (NOT friday the 27th).

DCT Olympic Distance Program organizer Brady Nelson, after knocking off the mountainous Garrett County Gran Fondo and ultra-distance Total 200, is tri-ing to finish the tri-fecta of 3 daunting rides this weekend, along with fast Lake Placid IMer Mike Chaney & former club prez & mt biker zealot Travis Siehndel. Track them online or even help them out for a bit if you'd like:

Per Tuan Nguyen/Brady Nelson:

"Brady Nelson, Travis Siehndel, and Mike Chaney are riding from one end of Skline Drive to the other, this Saturday. When they reach the end point, they will turn around and ride back to the starting point. That's about a 208 mile ride on some pretty whicked hills. They are planning to do all this in one day.

For motivation/fun, they'd like to ask the folks on our distro list to come out and join them for a few or all of those miles. Below are the details. If you would like to join them to keep them company, pleae contact Brady for more info

A few important details:

1. Plan to start at 0430 from the Super 8 motel in Front Royal

2. We're shooting to average ~14 - 15 mph

3. I'm going to try and post status updates as to our location on Facebook, but wifi coverage via cell is spotty so best way will be to text me (301-706-0411) as I'll check it at rest stops if you plan to sync up with us

4. Best option for those don't want to start early will be to enter the park at Thornton Gap via Route 211 ( Our goal is to be around the half way point around 1 PM. I believe Kim and Ellen are looking to leave Thornton Gap around 12 noon - 1 PM and doing 80 - 100 to the end (Front Royal) with us. Hopefully people can do the math based on their pace.

5. Map (to help pinpoint where you may want to meet us):

6. Strava dude that did it :

7. It's of course a 100% self supported/drop ride.

8. I think I have three open spots on my rack if anybody wants to sag back to Thornton Gap, that is if any peeps want to go all the way to the end (Front Royal) -- other option of course would be to stop at Thornton Gap and part ways with us on the way back.

Let me know if you are planning to meet us at any point. The last section (~50 miles) will be preferred.

Feel free to pass this one to other... who knows this may become an annual event! ...or maybe not!

(301) 706-0441
Brady Nelson <>;"

Again, this SATURDAY, JUNE 28.

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