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Yoga for Cyclist- MoCo
CREATED: 01/11/11 by laineym3 REPLIES:
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Yoga for Cyclists- MoCo
POSTED: 1/11/11 9:43 AM

The Montgomery County/DC Tri group set up a "Yoga for Cyclists" workshop on Sunday January 23. I wanted to pass this along to the whole club. However, to attend, you'll have to cross that dreaded border to MD :)

Information is below and can also be found at (scroll down to the Cyclist workshop)

Yoga for Triathlon Cyclists with Carolyn @ Paige One Yoga in Damascus, MD
Sunday, January 23rd

Don't let winter curtail your training. Want to maintain your
flexibility during the triathlon off-season or help the stiffness in
your shoulders, hips, hamstrings, glutes or quads? You’ve probably heard that yoga has gained wide acceptance among
athletes today as a important part of their core training program. Not only does yoga increase balance, stability and flexibility—three of the five essential components (along with speed and endurance) of physical fitness, it also teaches focus and relaxation, integrating mind and body.

In this workshop, we will focus on extension, core stability and
flexibility. Yoga postures will include long, deep stretches that
target your tight legs and hips; chest opening and back strengthening poses that counter the constant spinal flexion; yoga poses to ensure your body is balanced; and breathing and focusing exercises that will help you to be more efficient while on the road.

You’ll leave not only knowing what to do to relieve those tight
muscles but with a targeted program you can do at home or in the gym during these long winter months when it’s too cold to ride outside!

Carolyn Smith (RYT200) has been practicing yoga for over 10 years and teaching since 2006. She holds two 200-hour teaching certificates from Willow Street Yoga & The Yoga Center of Columbia and is studying in both Anusara and ParaYoga methods. Carolyn’s classes & workshops are challenging, informative and fun!

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