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Patriots Tri Training Camp - Helpful?
CREATED: 07/13/09 by breeyag REPLIES: 1
breeyag's ravatar breeyag    JOINED: 4/13/09    POSTS: 17
Patriots Tri Training Camp - Helpful?
POSTED: 7/13/09 5:04 PM

Hi all!

I'm signed up for the Patriot's International in September, and just got an e-mail for a training camp a couple of weekends before. Has anyone attended this or a similar training weekend? If so, was it helpful? It's $195, and that covers the following:

Friday August 21
Open Water Swim Technique: 6-7 PM
Swim Course Preview (kayak supported): 7-8 PM

Saturday August 22
Run Technique: 8-9 AM
Run Course Preview (vehicular supported): 9-11:30 AM
> Those racing the Sprint/Oly will do a ride after their run.
Transition Clinic: 1-3 PM
Nutrition & Race Strategy Lecture: 3:30-5 PM

Sunday August 23
Supported Bike Course Preview (vehicular supported): 8 AM - Noon
> Those racing the Sprint/Oly will do a run after ride and optional swim
Q&A and Closing: 12-12:30 PM

I'm a little hesitant to spend more than I already have on registration and gear (and this doesn't include the hotel room I'd have to get), but the open water and transition techniques could be really useful. Any input is greatly appreciated!


wombat's ravatar wombat    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 269
RE: Patriots Tri Training Camp - Helpful?
POSTED: 7/13/09 5:23 PM

I got the email too but don't think I'll be signing up for the clinic. I trained with Endorphin for over a year so I don't think I'll learn anything new from them. I want to see the course before the race, so I am going down to Williamsburg the weekend of July 25-26 to ride and run the course. I also want to go down again in August, maybe the third weekend, to do the course again. If you want to join me, my email is


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