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Organized autumn rides
CREATED: 07/29/11 by mosered REPLIES: 1
mosered's ravatar mosered    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 2217
Organized autumn rides
POSTED: 7/29/11 10:07 AM

From DCT's "representative in Singapore," Lisa Kilday:

"Some bike rides that ended up in my inbox. I can't make it (obviously), but have fun:

1. Moonlight Madness Ride- Richmond, VA- August 13th- 17 mile ride- Night ride- The ride will end with a concert and beer which promises to be fun. Riders are supposed to dress up and decorate their bikes although I doubt that I will. They have a half moon ride for families and then the full moon ride which is the 17 miles.

2. Great Peanut Bicycle Tour and Rides- rides daily Spet. 8-11, 2011 in Emporiam, VA. Volunteers from the town set up tables with foods such as pickled watermelon, home grown tomato sandwiches on white bread with mayo, fresh watermelon, peanut butter sandwiches, peanut fudge, etc. The rides go from 13 miles up to century rides. The sag support is great while you ride through cotton fields and peanut fields. I usually go on Saturday and ride the 47 mile ride and sometimes wait around for the finale peanut ride (13 miles). I have camped there, but usually just go down for the day.

3. 2011 Heart of Va Bike Festival, Ashland, VA Sept 17 and/or 18th., I did the Sunday HIstoric ride last year which was a shot ride to various historical places where guides gave tours of these palces. Food was good, but the ride is hilly. They have short rides up to century rides.

4. 4th Annual Culpeper Cycling Century- Oct. 1, 2011- 33, 65, 100 miles. I did the 65 miles last year and will not do it again. It was hill after hill as you go west from Culpeper towards the mountains. Also, there miles are off so you end up doing a lot more miles than you expect although they admitted that they knew this but don't want to change the courses. You get a lot of gorp (m&m's with peanuts and raisins and orange slices). Not real exciting food. One stop is at Prince Michel vineyards, but the stop is outside the building and does not include wine. What a waste!

5. Sea Gull Century ride- October 15, 2011- Salisbury, MD This event hosts two centruy rides and one metric ride. You don't see much water- none on the metric- and the terrain is boring, but the food is really good. One rest stop had a band by a river with ice cream, hot dogs, hamburgers and apple pie with ice cream. Hard to get back on the bike after the stops. This ride was great last year, but I heard from so many people how bad it can be in the wind from the nearby water and/or rain. So, it can be great or miserable. When you finish the ride, they have you go through a shoot where they announce your name, and there is a lot of cheering. There are photos taken of the riders throughout the race as well as coming through the shoot where you feel as though you just finished the Tour de France. Then there is a bike expo, and lunch, On the way home, pumpkin stands are set up for you to stop and get your pumpkin for Halloween. They are huge and inexpensive.

6. 6th Annual Northern Neck River Ride- Sept. 23-25. Kilmarnock- Sept. 23 through the 25th. This ride is a lot of fun and pretty as you ride along the water and through the nearby towns. The ride is divided into loops so that you can decide if you want to return or keep on going. They promise music this year, and again the food is great with desert being hot apple dumpings with a scoop of ice cream. They have 25 mile rides up to century rides.

7. Cannonball century ride here in Fredericksburg, Sept. 25th 35, 62 or 100. I can't get real excited about this ride as the food is not great, and I ride the roads out there enough to be bored by them. Like I think that riding around Curtis Park brings back running in the heat memories, too. Last year, riders got lost, but this year, the organizers will do a better job at marking the roads, I think. It goes through Stafford and Fauquier counties. No more be said.

8. Great Pumpkin Ride- Oct. 22, 2011- Warrenton, VA ride lengths ar 24, 44, and 64 miles. I did not do this ride last year as I got a bit burned out from all of the rides and food, but I did hear that it is hilly, but well organized and again, food is great. Very pretty through horse country.

9. We have a ride here in Charlottesville that I'm Director of the called the Boys
& Girls Club Cycling Challenge <>! It's in 6th
area and has routes of 25, 50, and 75 miles. The 75 mile route goes west and
climbs the infamous Afton mountain and the swoops back around through
Western Albemarle and then heads north and rides parraell to Shenandoah
National park. The ride starts and ends from picturesque Old Trail
Village<>pool where after you will
enjoy an after party with catered lunch from a
local restaurant, local wines and beer, live music and massages! This ride
is already filling up this year and we look to have about 300-350 riders.
Website: September 18th.

Registration fee is $100 which includes a fully supported ride with sag
wagons, motos, 4 rest stops, over 100 volunteers, dry-wick t-shirt, and the
after-party with catered lunch. 100% of proceeds benefit the Boys & Girls
Clubs of Central Va (includes cville, albemarle, madison, orange). I would
be happy to create a 25% discount code for any Team Orange riders! I just
need one person to be the designated "captain" to start the team and then
we can go from there!"

Reston Century, 8.21
Bay Country Century, 9.3
Civil War Century, 9.11
Indian Head Century, 9.11
Backroads Century, 9.18

bcfrank's ravatar bcfrank    JOINED: 3/23/09    POSTS: 1098
RE: Organized autumn rides
POSTED: 7/29/11 2:32 PM

The Northern Neck River ride sounds kind of scary. You finish the ride through a desert of hot apple dumpings? That sounds kind of gross. Hopefully they're not steaming.

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