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"Triabetes" project - dinner and documentary in Bethesda July 30th
CREATED: 07/29/11 by markhakd REPLIES:
markhakd's ravatar markhakd    JOINED: 10/8/09    POSTS: 231
"Triabetes" project - dinner and documentary in Bethesda July 30th
POSTED: 7/29/11 12:12 PM

Passing along this announcement:

I'm a triathlete from Gaithersburg, MD and am just reaching out to see if any members of the D.C. Tri Club are interested in a film about Type 1 diabetics training for Ironman. There is a national triathlon club for people with diabetes - Triabetes - and I'm hosting a dinner & documentary screening to raise awareness (and funds) for the non-profit organization that runs the Triabetes program. The documentary is called "Diabetes and Athletes: The Science of Inspiration." More info is at

The event I'm hosting is on July 30th at 7pm at the Harp and Fiddle in Bethesda. If you have any club members who have Type 1 diabetes, or are in the medical field, or are simply interested in this topic, please share this info with them.

Svati Narula

Flyer with details:

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