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New to DC: Information on Housing/Sports Med Requested
CREATED: 03/19/10 by jsmith REPLIES: 2
jsmith    JOINED: 3/19/10    POSTS: 6
New to DC: Information on Housing/Sports Med Requested
POSTED: 3/19/10 10:26 AM

I a triathlete am moving back to the states in May after a couple years abroad and looking for advice on where to live in downtown DC that would be most covenient for training. Main criteria:
1-short, (ideally bikeable) commute to area around Federal Triangle metro (20' max but shorter if possible)
2-near good places to ride and run before work
Other criteria:
-near good gym (bonus if it has a pool)
-near good grocery stores (I lived in NYC before moving overseas and miss Whole Foods bad)
-on-site gym/pool would be awesome
-late night places to take out dinner as I will be often working long hours.
-parking on site would be nice too as I understand I will be needing a car to get to long rides for the weekends.

Also recommendations on sports med (ART providers, knee/podiatry specialists would be really great.

Thanks in advance for recommendations or any other advice you might have for a triathlete coming to town.

hppeabody's ravatar hppeabody    JOINED: 9/17/09    POSTS: 193
RE: New to DC: Information on Housing/Sports Med Requested
POSTED: 3/19/10 10:44 AM

Logan Circle is a pretty hip area with the biggest whole foods in the area and theres a Lululemon right there, also a few gyms I think including Vida fitness and lots of nice apartment buildings. You've got easy access to some of the few bike laned roads in DC there and could probably get to Fed triangle by bike in 10 min or so. The Bike Rack, a local bike shop is also there. A lot of apartment complexes have garages where you can pay (albeit expensive) to park your car or if you get a rowhouse you may have a driveway. Or just get DC plates on your car and you get a permit to parallel park on the street.

chloevdc's ravatar chloevdc    JOINED: 1/25/10    POSTS: 63
RE: New to DC: Information on Housing/Sports Med Requested
POSTED: 3/19/10 10:46 AM

Hi jsmith,

I'd recommend, U street, Columbia Heights (that's where I live), or Woodley Park areas.
You can ride down to federal triangle in about 20, but probably less, depending on the traffic and what street you take. (It takes me about 30 minutes to ride from C-Heights over the river to Rosslyn, so you'd be looking at probably 15 minutes or so)
-Getting to rock creek park (for running before work) from Woodley Park or Columbia Heights is as easy as pie.
- The Washington Sports Club in Columbia Heights is less than a year old and has a pool, also with late hours.
- Columbia Heights has a Giant, a Harris Teeter, and two Yes! Organic market grocery stores. Riding down 14th street to the Whole Foods on 14th and P can get you there in 10 minutes. (Living in the U street are would put you closer to WF, but further away from gym with pool and rock creek)
-Tons of the new apartment buildings in these areas have gyms in the building
- Late night takeout/delivery is totally doable in these areas as well (though in general, 'late night' has limitations in DC)
-most apartment buildings have parking lots or on-street parking in these areas. (there are group bike rides that leave from DC on bike and get to places to do 40-100+ mile rides in the area without the need for a car. If that is the only reason why you think you'd need a car, it might not be necessary).

I can't comment on the sports med stuff.

Of course, many people might disagree with my suggestions and recommend other areas of town. I've been living in C-Heights for over 3 years and I can't imagine an area that fits your criteria better.

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