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Tri Backpack
CREATED: 02/13/12 by vkatikin REPLIES: 2
vkatikin    JOINED: 1/22/12    POSTS: 23
Tri Backpack
POSTED: 2/13/12 9:53 AM

I'm looking for a backpack that I can use for school/work as well as to hold my tri gear. I always train in the middle of my daily routine, so this would be really useful, so I can avoid lugging around several bags.

The aspects I really like about the tri backpacks are the helmet pocket, mesh pocket for drying a wet swim suit, and dry pockets for muddy shoes, as well as the water bottle sleeve.

Since I do want to use this same backpack to hold a spiral notebook an iPad, and maybe a book or two (sometimes a textbook), it would need to have decent space inside. I would also want the shoulder and back to be padded, similar to Northface backpacks.

Please let me know if anyone has suggestions! Here are the ones I've found so far, but I'm skeptical about padding:

TYR Transition Bag Backpack

XTerra Transition Bag

Garneau Race Day Revo Bag

Thanks so much in advance!

jbrez's ravatar jbrez    JOINED: 1/30/11    POSTS: 303
RE: Tri Backpack
POSTED: 2/13/12 5:14 PM

I really like the BlueSeventy one. It's pricey but really big and I use it as a travel backpack when it's not being used for races.

PamS's ravatar PamS    JOINED: 1/26/10    POSTS: 375
RE: Tri Backpack
POSTED: 2/13/12 8:09 PM

I have the TYR bag, it's great for tris and holds all of my stuff (except my pump, I've seen a few bags that can hold pumps and that seems like a nice feature). I use it for travel and can fit a ton of stuff in it. There's not much padding in it though and I'm not sure how it would hold up over time if I used it everday. But overall it's a good bag

Here's another thread on transition bags

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