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For Sale: Louis Garneau Women's Tri Speed Shoe
CREATED: 09/17/11 by HolliMarie REPLIES:
HolliMarie's ravatar HolliMarie    JOINED: 6/21/11    POSTS: 264
For Sale: Louis Garneau Women's Tri Speed Shoe
POSTED: 9/17/11 8:41 AM

I got a great deal on these shoes due to some mistakes from the company I ordered from. Unfortunately they are too big for me. I'm usually a 38 in cycling shoes but these are about 1/2 size too big. I'm asking $80.00 message me if you are interested.

Louis Garneau Women's Tri Speed Triathlon Shoes Size 38

Designed for athletes who are just starting out in triathlon, the Tri Speed women's triathlon shoes are equipped with high-performance features such as Louis Garneau's patented multi-vent system, neoprene tongue, interchangeable insoles, two reversed Velcro straps and heel loop.
High-density nylon outsole with patented Ergo Air multi-vent technology gives you a stiff, powerful pedal stroke while supplying comfortable airflow in all weather conditions
Synthetic leather and nylon mesh upper offers breathable support, continuous air circulation and is easy to wash
Ergonomic, thermoplastic molded toe area with 3 side vents provide excellent protection, ventilation and durability
Neoprene tongue adds protection
Heel loop for easy-on convenience
Ergo Air interchangeable insoles let you adjust accordingly to cold or warm conditions
Fastener with 2 reversed Velcro straps makes this shoe a cinch to slip in and out of during transition points
Women's specific design
Position your cleat using the visual display (compatible with Dura-Ace, SPD, SPD-L, Time, LOOK and Speedplay cleats)
Includes CoolMax Ergo Air Cool Stuff (blue) and Hot Stuff (red) insoles

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