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Another New Guy
CREATED: 09/01/09 by Niko22042 REPLIES:
Niko22042    JOINED: 8/30/09    POSTS: 1
Another New Guy
POSTED: 9/01/09 8:29 PM

Greetings everyone. I am a 29 year old newbie interested in Triathlons. I am very competent swimmer and biker however I just plain HATE to run. However, I am getting back into running shape. Im currently in the US Navy and working in Maryland I live in Falls Church and come from southern VA. I am looking forward to the next years season and really could use a mentor if anyone could spare some time for me. I have so many questions that I just cant find answers for. I can answer questions about swimming I love it and do it everyday, sometimes twice. Looking forward to seeing everyone next seasons and count on me for some club events during this fall and winter. See you all there.


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