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2008 Orbea Ordu, 54
CREATED: 12/10/09 by stewart239 REPLIES: 1
stewart239    JOINED: 3/23/09    POSTS: 1
2008 Orbea Ordu, 54
POSTED: 12/10/09 9:20 AM

I’m selling my 2008 Orbea Ordu. It has one season of racing on it and is in great condition. I love the ride, but unfortunately need to sell it.
Some basic info below, please email me if you’re interested and I can send a few pictures.

Frame: Ordu, 54
Color: White with blue Orbea detail
Group: Dura Ace
Handlebar system: Profile Design T2 Cobra Bar with Sonic CSX Aerobar
Cassette: Dura Ace 11-23
Wheels: Reynolds Assault 46


AntWannaTri    JOINED: 7/10/10    POSTS: 3
RE: 2008 Orbea Ordu, 54
POSTED: 7/12/10 9:16 AM

I see this was posted a while back. By any chance is this bike still available?

you can reply to my email


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