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Driver to Atlantic City Triathlon September 15th
CREATED: 08/07/13 by keepingitawesome REPLIES:
keepingitawesome's ravatar keepingitawesome    JOINED: 5/4/09    POSTS: 19
Driver to Atlantic City Triathlon September 15th
POSTED: 8/07/13 9:28 AM

I am posting this for Tina Ament, one of the visually impaired athletes in the Club.

I have a somewhat strange request. The Mid-Atlantic paratriathlon championships are at the Atlantic City triathlon on September 15th. I have a guide for the race, but she is coming from New York City, so I need a ride for myself and my tandem bike (I'm willing to rent a van). This would involve going up Saturday, spending the night, and racing on Sunday. If you'd be interested in racing, just like to gamble, or have some other reason for going to Jersey, let me know. Thanks.

She also mentioned that Miss America is taking place the same weekend, so if you have any interest in watching that...come tag along with a free trip/hotel for the night!

Please post here if you are interested, and I will pass along her contact information.

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