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2015 SAT Ride (weekly)
CREATED: 03/02/11 by siehndel REPLIES: 2103
globetrotterjon's ravatar globetrotterjon    JOINED: 11/6/14    POSTS: 45
RE: 2015 SAT Ride (weekly)
POSTED: 8/19/16 10:18 AM

I need to do five hours in PZ 2 on Sat. Was thinking of meeting up with the group in Gtown. Given the length of my ride and the heat, was wondering if there's a point where i can replenish fluids en route?

mosered's ravatar mosered    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 2175
RE: 2015 SAT Ride (weekly)
POSTED: 8/19/16 10:26 AM


There's a BP station 12 miles in at town of Potomac, and a gas station at Poolsville c. 15 more miles.

- MeadowLark Lemon

sergiodihno    JOINED: 5/26/14    POSTS: 25
RE: 2015 SAT Ride (weekly)
POSTED: 8/26/16 5:59 PM

Does anyone have the map to Poolesville ride on Garmin connect that they could share by any chance???


SeishiDar's ravatar SeishiDar    JOINED: 4/22/10    POSTS: 36
RE: 2015 SAT Ride (weekly)
POSTED: 8/26/16 7:09 PM

Anyone doing around 4.5 hours at about 18-19mph this Saturday?

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