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2015 SAT Ride (weekly)
CREATED: 03/02/11 by siehndel REPLIES: 2127
simba2109's ravatar simba2109    JOINED: 6/23/11    POSTS: 63
RE: 2012 SAT Ride (weekly)
POSTED: 4/05/13 12:14 PM

I'm in as well.

ellenwex's ravatar ellenwex    JOINED: 11/16/09    POSTS: 71
RE: 2012 SAT Ride (weekly)
POSTED: 4/05/13 12:37 PM

In for Poolesville (and maybe a bit more)

siehndel's ravatar siehndel    JOINED: 11/25/05    POSTS: 1104
RE: 2013 SAT Ride (weekly)
POSTED: 4/05/13 12:51 PM

Looks like a great group for tomorrow. I'm planning on heading to the T and like the idea of Brady's plan to head out River Rd. and back on Glen.

For Octavio and others who are planning to ride an A-/B+ pace, if we do manage split up on the way out MacArthur, the lead group will ride the hills on Mountain Gate and down into Great Falls before regrouping at the BP at Falls and River. Then we'll roll out to the T at a more relaxed pace, regroup at the T and then head back on Glen.

See everyone tomorrow. 7:40 rolling from the Hill, 8:00 at Wisco. and M.


siehndel's ravatar siehndel    JOINED: 11/25/05    POSTS: 1104
RE: 2013 SAT Ride (weekly)
POSTED: 4/05/13 3:28 PM

One more thing...

As the season gets started, it's always a good idea to review some general rules of cycling etiquette to keep our rides safe. If you are new to group riding and/or our Saturday rides, please take a look or re-read this post on some of the Rules of Cycling Etiquette.

As we all get used to riding with one another in a larger group again, I may chime in on some of the things that I see that might need to be fixed to make sure we stay safe. Please don't be offended. We have a great safety record on this ride and we would like to keep it that way.

Along that line, somebody mentioned something to me about last week's ride. When we're riding in a pace line, as you get to the front of the line, please don't shoot off the front of the group as soon as you get there. If the group has been riding smoothly at 20mph, when you get to the front, you should continue riding 20mph, not 24mph or 17mph. If you are feeling fresh and want to bring the speed up a small bit, wait until the rider that just pulled off the front has gotten on the back of the line and then gently and smoothly increase the speed 1-2mph. Also, we're all friends and we all know how awesome we all are. So no need to be a hero at the front of the pace. As soon as you get tired, pull off. In fact, you should pull off well before you are tired so that you don't miss the back of the train. There is no shame in sitting on the front for only 15-20 seconds or even less because if someone stays on too long and gets tired, the pace fluctuates and that makes it harder to stay together in the pack without hitting the brakes. And when you read that etiquette post you'll know, there is no braking in a pace line.

Thanks for reading... that was long winded.


siehndel's ravatar siehndel    JOINED: 11/25/05    POSTS: 1104
RE: 2012 SAT Ride (weekly)
POSTED: 4/06/13 2:54 PM

Great ride today... And it was amazing to see so many riders out there. Not sure that I've seen that large of a group very many times.

One thing I really enjoyed today was that we had somewhat of a 'neutral start' coming out of G-town to the reservoir. Those of you that know me well know that I've had a pipe dream of that happening for a couple of years. It was fun to be able to talk to some some members of the group that I may not be able to see later in the ride. If you also enjoyed it, let's make it happen more often. If not, I won't try to make it stick.

I'm out for the next 2 rides as I'll be two-timing you road riders and heading out for some mountain bike races. If you have any questions or comments regarding the rides, feel free to message me or one of the other more experienced (i.e., old) members of the group and we'll be happy to help out.

Have a good weekend,


tgalbert's ravatar tgalbert    JOINED: 9/30/10    POSTS: 405
RE: 2012 SAT Ride (weekly)
POSTED: 4/10/13 9:09 AM

It's Wednesday, so it's officially time to start thinking about the weekend. Who's riding? Let us know what distance and pace you're looking to go.

The weather looks stellar!

Sorry you can't join, Travis!

omesner's ravatar omesner    JOINED: 7/28/11    POSTS: 35
RE: 2012 SAT Ride (weekly)
POSTED: 4/10/13 9:20 AM

I'll be there with 2 (maybe 3) friends who are new to the club. We'll probably be part of a B group and will probably ride to Poolesville.

mlgibney's ravatar mlgibney    JOINED: 5/24/11    POSTS: 38
RE: 2012 SAT Ride (weekly)
POSTED: 4/10/13 9:31 AM

I'm finally in! Representing the B group, and probably just looking to go to BP and back. Should be an awesome day.

merriamk's ravatar merriamk    JOINED: 9/10/12    POSTS: 73
RE: 2012 SAT Ride (weekly)
POSTED: 4/10/13 9:53 AM


zdesmond    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 44
RE: 2012 SAT Ride (weekly)
POSTED: 4/10/13 10:19 AM

As long as temps stay warm in morning, I'm in. Thinking of 60-70. Maybe ride out to Poolesville or if slightly shorter take Berryville and head back the Glen road way. I'm thinking we should make the ride hurt.

KazGirl    JOINED: 1/30/11    POSTS: 20
RE: 2012 SAT Ride (weekly)
POSTED: 4/10/13 10:34 AM

I'm going to try to make it with the B group - may go to the T. Please confirm, leaving Wisconsin at 7:30?


siehndel's ravatar siehndel    JOINED: 11/25/05    POSTS: 1104
RE: 2012 SAT Ride (weekly)
POSTED: 4/10/13 10:48 AM

I 'think' I've updated the original post with correct times but let me know if you see a mistake. I make them routinely.

Anyhow, the ride rolls from 8th and Penn. SE at 7:40 and from Georgetown at 8:00.

Zach, with you planning to show up and make it hurt, I'm almost sad I can't make it. But I'm still hurting from riding with you two weeks ago so I'm not THAT sad.

kromatog's ravatar kromatog    JOINED: 6/28/12    POSTS: 30
RE: 2012 SAT Ride (weekly)
POSTED: 4/10/13 12:29 PM

Wife and I are new to the club. Looking forward to our first Sat. ride. 7:40. C U there. B group. To the T.

zdesmond    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 44
RE: 2012 SAT Ride (weekly)
POSTED: 4/10/13 12:49 PM

No worries, Travis. Plenty of opportunities for you to dole out punishment this year.

abbyjs's ravatar abbyjs    JOINED: 4/7/09    POSTS: 699
RE: 2012 SAT Ride (weekly)
POSTED: 4/10/13 1:12 PM

Happy to join this weekend. I need to cover 55 and keep it in a low zone, so I can pull the B group. I will figure out the route I plan to take before arriving... Will depart Georgetown slightly behind the A group for safety reasons. Clipping in at 8:05.

So tempting to chase Trevor, but I will resist. :-) Mwah!


wjaglom's ravatar wjaglom    JOINED: 3/22/13    POSTS: 5
RE: 2012 SAT Ride (weekly)
POSTED: 4/11/13 8:48 AM

I'm new to the group and looking forward to checking out my first sat morning ride. I'm thinking I'll be in the B group, probably just to the BP and back. I'll be heading from cap hill, so I'll see you all at 7:40!

denaindc's ravatar denaindc    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 192
RE: 2012 SAT Ride (weekly)
POSTED: 4/11/13 9:41 AM

In with the B group. looking to get in about 60-70.

rtroll's ravatar rtroll    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 510
RE: 2012 SAT Ride (weekly)
POSTED: 4/11/13 9:51 AM

In - most likely A ride until Brady decides to gun it after the reservoir and drop the rest of us after pulling him back to town. #whereisthelove

allisonh's ravatar allisonh    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 13
RE: 2012 SAT Ride (weekly)
POSTED: 4/11/13 9:57 AM

In for the B group as well - to the T!


nelsb7p0's ravatar nelsb7p0    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 441
RE: 2012 SAT Ride (weekly)
POSTED: 4/11/13 10:20 AM

Fortunately all my domestiques, with a half marathon on my schedule for Sunday, your team leader is out for this week!

But rest assure, I will be back next week making sure nobody lets up on the way back, at least not until we hit the DC line!

#catchingflak #nolove4theprez #finishstrong


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