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2014 SAT Ride (weekly)
CREATED: 03/02/11 by siehndel REPLIES: 1674
siehndel's ravatar siehndel    JOINED: 11/25/05    POSTS: 1060
RE: 2014 SAT Ride (weekly)
POSTED: 7/10/14 11:14 AM

I plan to be out there taper spinning EZ out to GF. Likely with another Dean&Deluca stop to refuel.


jennydavis    JOINED: 11/3/13    POSTS: 15
RE: 2014 SAT Ride (weekly)
POSTED: 7/10/14 3:21 PM

I'd like to start riding with a group but am not that fast and my IM training is starting to out grow my casual biking friends appetite. Is this an appropriate ride to join? I need to start building more miles and feel a little unsafe going too far on my own. This weekend I'm hoping to go 60-80 miles or about 4 hours.

norgato's ravatar norgato    JOINED: 5/13/13    POSTS: 28
RE: 2014 SAT Ride (weekly)
POSTED: 7/11/14 9:08 AM

I'll be riding, but I'm getting over a nasty 2 week cold so I'll be going nice and easy to the BP is anyone feels like going slow-er

gthoyt's ravatar gthoyt    JOINED: 1/22/11    POSTS: 97
RE: 2014 SAT Ride (weekly)
POSTED: 7/11/14 9:54 AM

This is an appropriate ride to join. The standard routes are 40 and 60 miles but people are often going longer based on their training plans. check the first post for directions here Post here on the forum and watch other posts to find out who is going long each week. (not much talk this week about going long) There is normally a good range of speeds going different distances.

If no one is going long on the Saturday Ride you can also check out the Sunday Rides with the Vertical Swimmer

I won't make it out with the group this week but have a good ride.

jennydavis    JOINED: 11/3/13    POSTS: 15
RE: 2014 SAT Ride (weekly)
POSTED: 7/12/14 12:19 PM

Great! Thanks gthoyt!! I'll check it out

siehndel's ravatar siehndel    JOINED: 11/25/05    POSTS: 1060
RE: 2014 SAT Ride (weekly)
POSTED: 7/12/14 5:10 PM

Great group riding out there today!

One thing I noticed is that it felt a little sketchy on the first section of the ride from the reservoir to Glen Echo as the group settled in. Be careful about moving up in big bunches. It We ended up riding 3-4 abreast and at different speeds with people moving both forward and back. That's a good way for a tire to rub and someone to go down - taking more people with them.

It looks like there are a lot of strong legs out there right now so lets be sure to keep them safe!

-Old Guy

denise    JOINED: 6/23/14    POSTS: 1
RE: 2014 SAT Ride (weekly)
POSTED: 7/16/14 6:57 AM

I've just moved to DC and am training for IM MD. I don't know my way around the area and would love to ride with a group this Saturday - hoping to do >60. Do folks just show up, form groups and ride?

zdesmond    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 42
RE: 2014 SAT Ride (weekly)
POSTED: 7/16/14 7:23 AM

Denise --

That is pretty much exactly what happens. Meet at 7:30 at M and Wisconsin.

It's not a bad idea to post how many miles you are planning on doing and what speed you are planning on riding as you can plan to meet up with others with a similar plan.

Generally everyone rides together until we hit Sibley Hospital and the group breaks up as for MacArthur and the hills. The group generally re-groups at the BP before everyone heads off in smaller groups doing their own things.

Route is pretty set up to the BP and very much not set after that point.

pserfass's ravatar pserfass    JOINED: 3/23/09    POSTS: 432
RE: 2014 SAT Ride (weekly)
POSTED: 7/18/14 11:25 PM

See you all out there in the mornin. Lookin for a quick trip to the BP and back

jbrez's ravatar jbrez    JOINED: 1/30/11    POSTS: 253
RE: 2014 SAT Ride (weekly)
POSTED: 7/19/14 5:00 AM

Same as Patrick.

allenh    JOINED: 7/23/14    POSTS: 3
RE: 2014 SAT Ride (weekly)
POSTED: 7/23/14 1:51 PM

I am new to DC Tri, or to any club for that matter. I am doing IM Mont Tremblant and scheduled for a Century Ride this weekend. Is anyone doing a 90+ mile ride this weekend?

kromatog's ravatar kromatog    JOINED: 6/28/12    POSTS: 26
RE: 2014 SAT Ride (weekly)
POSTED: 7/23/14 2:08 PM

I will be looking at 90+. Leaving from Cap Hill. Also trying to look forward to it. Just not there yet.

allenh    JOINED: 7/23/14    POSTS: 3
RE: 2014 SAT Ride (weekly)
POSTED: 7/23/14 3:26 PM

Thanks. Is Cap Hill near Navy Yard? What pace do you normally ride and do you have cue sheets for your ride. I normally ride west or south of DC I am unfamiliar with the DC routes.

TDPrange's ravatar TDPrange    JOINED: 1/14/13    POSTS: 68
RE: 2014 SAT Ride (weekly)
POSTED: 7/23/14 3:32 PM

The Saturday Ride routes are at the very beginning of the discussion thread. Some folks start/meet up near Capitol Hill. The bulk of folks meet up in Georgetown at Wisconsin and M and then head out the west.

Mccluer's ravatar Mccluer    JOINED: 5/3/12    POSTS: 34
RE: 2014 SAT Ride (weekly)
POSTED: 7/25/14 9:47 PM

Good luck to Patrick and Meghan doing their first IM this weekend! Relax and have fun, You're going to do great! and We know you will ROCK IT on the bike! -love from your sat am cycling buddies

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