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Swim clinics for non-NTP'ers?
CREATED: 04/06/09 by afava REPLIES: 1
afava's ravatar afava    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 258
Swim clinics for non-NTP'ers?
POSTED: 4/06/09 3:53 PM

Swim clinic yesterday was great. Any recommendations for similar clinic for non-NTP'ers? Thanks

HillOE's ravatar HillOE    JOINED: 3/2/09    POSTS: 79
RE: Swim clinics for non-NTP'ers?
POSTED: 4/07/09 3:15 PM

Just got off the phone with the fine peeps at Curle Burke's AU pool. They have a clinic on Sunday nights 6:15-7:30. It started last Sunday and will be off on Easter Sunday, but start up again on the 19th. They will still accept people for the group...but not too many. If you miss this session they start another right after it.

I plan on doing this session, it's not an NTP thing or a masters swimming thing just anyone who needs the help. Definately a technique clinic and you can repeat the clinic as many times as you like going from novice to intermediate to advanced.

Cheers - OE

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