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Brent Steelman Cyclocross Bike - 59cm
CREATED: 09/02/09 by Acotts REPLIES:
Acotts    JOINED: 5/29/09    POSTS: 32
Brent Steelman Cyclocross Bike - 59cm
POSTED: 9/02/09 7:17 PM

You know you want to get into cyclocross!

I’m putting up for sale an awesome Brent Steelman Steel cyclocross frame. With the frame is Chris King Headset and an EC90CX fork. All mint, BABY!! It’s a tigged frame and is very light steel.

If this were a production frame, I would say it was a 59cm.

If you don’t know about Brent Steelman, he has been building frames for over 25 years. He is a California guy and his bikes are all over the race seen there. He had a production Cross frame for a few years, left th biz, and then came back to do only custom jobs. You can learn more about him at The guy has been building bikes for as long as Trek. Just sayin’.

It’s a gorgeous orange frame. It’s a deep orange (kinda a mix between Merckx Orange and Blood Orange) with lighter golden specks in the paint that really shine in the sun. No pictures can do it justice. It is as nice a paintjob as one can get. I can provide tons of pics if you email me at

I’m pretty sure that the frame is just a few years old. There is a serial code 150608 tagged on the bottom bracket. If you want to check out all the specs with Brent, I am sure you can look him up. He is a cool dude and very willing to help. If I had to guess, it was the 8th bike made by hand in 2006 by Brent.

There is not a single scratch on this bike. It has barely been ridden, and never raced. I built it up, but found that it was just a little too long for me. Actually, this bike has a bit of an unfortunate history. It was built for a guy about 6’2”. It was never picked up. My buddy, who has owned about 5 Steelman bikes bought it for 50% off and found that it was a little too big for him. In fact, he knew it was to big but was such a nice frame he bought it anyway. He then sold it to me at an even further reduced price. I found that I simply prefer my Race Rig. I need to clear out some bike, so off this goes.

Im selling it for $750. You get a frame, carbon fork, and Chris King headset. The EC 90x Fork alone cost $500 new, the CK headset $120, and the frame at least a grand. If you were to get it new from Brent it would cost $2450.

But that is the thing about custom bikes. The resale value isn’t great. So if you are around 6”1’ with long arms and like a long top tube or 6'3" and have short limbs, you can get this 3k F/F/HS for $750.

Now, lets talk geometry:
I will compare it to CAAD9 58cm, because that is bike many of you are familiar with. I was able to mimic the contact points almost perfectly on this bike.

I don’t know the angles, but they are pretty similar.
Top tube is 57 cm
Seat tube is 54 cm
Seat Stays are 42 cm

Top Tube on my 56
Seat tube is 54 cm
Seat stays are 40.5 cm

My saddle height is around 80cm. I go a touch lower on the CX bike.

Here is the thing, I ride a 58 on a stock bike, but I fit better on smaller 58’s. This is a bigger 58. In the end I never got comfortable on the thing. It just never felt right. I’m 6’2”-all torsoe. If I had longer arms or legs I bet this would be great.

Let me know if you have any questions. Email me at not the yahoo account. I never check that one. I have a ton of pics I can share as well.

Thanks for the time.

-Andrew Cotter

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