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Lab School Program and New Rates
CREATED: 11/07/11 by miataj REPLIES:
miataj's ravatar miataj    JOINED: 3/5/11    POSTS: 219
Lab School Program and New Rates
POSTED: 11/07/11 10:29 AM

Hello everyone,

Wanted to provide you with the following information regarding the lab school:

1. Active, paid participants of the DC Tri Masters Team will receive up to 2 complimentary sessions to the Lab School program where video taping will be provided.

2. Paying participants of the Lab School 6-week program will receive complimentary access to join the Masters program during the week to practice but only during the duration of the Lab School program. Afterwards they will be required to register for the Masters program at whatever the current rate is. People interested in joining this program will register and pay here

Also, here are the new rates going forward for the remainder of the program:

Month 2: Join now for $130
Month 3: Join in the month of December for only $60

If you have any questions regarding the above, please feel free to let myself, Catharine or Denis know.

For workouts this week, please utilize the warmup sets that have been posted in previous weeks. See you tonight at 7!


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