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Anyone need a hotel room for the NYC Tri?
CREATED: 07/15/09 by catahn REPLIES: 1
catahn's ravatar catahn    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 18
Anyone need a hotel room for the NYC Tri?
POSTED: 7/15/09 1:03 PM

My uncle recently became hospitalized with what appears to be a stroke, at this point. My family all lives in California so I'm taking time off to go be with them, which means I'll miss the New York City triathlon next weekend (26 July 09). Unfortunately, I also booked a hotel and I can't cancel/refund it, but I can transfer it to a different name. Does anyone need a hotel room? It's for the NYC Sheraton, the "official" hotel of the triathlon. It cost about $190 plus tax (ouch) and if you can afford to chip in a bit, that'd be great since my plane tickets cost about $700 (they really ding you on those short notice flights). If you can't however, it's better that someone enjoy them rather than no one.

You can email me at if you need a room.

Happy racing,

Edit: Oops, sorry, I think I might have added this to the wrong area of the site. (Lack of sleep will do that to you.) My apologies -- if some wise moderator knows how to move it to a more appropriate place, please feel free to do so.

lotus975    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 33
RE: Anyone need a hotel room for the NYC Tri?
POSTED: 7/15/09 1:31 PM

sorry to hear that. i just deferred today myself but otherwise would have been glad to take the room. I wish your uncle a speedy recovery!

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