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Urgent Need: Bike Rack for car (top)
CREATED: 08/29/12 by piyushdabomb REPLIES:
piyushdabomb    JOINED: 5/10/10    POSTS: 84
Urgent Need: Bike Rack for car (top)
POSTED: 8/29/12 11:14 AM

Hey Everyone,

I'm in a bit of an urgent need to either borrow or rent a bike rack that fits on top of vehicles next Tuesday - Sunday.

My mom and sister are coming in from Singapore and because my sister is moving back to North America, she's planning on bringing her life with her, which means that I have no space to keep my bike in even a large rental car.

I'm going to rent a car next week and in need to rent or borrow a bike rack.

If you have a bike rack I can borrow or rent, PLEASE let me know.

Thanks for all the help I can get given how much we're in race season.

- Piyush.

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