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Charleston Sprint Triathlon Race Report
CREATED: 07/15/09 by slashykk REPLIES:
slashykk    JOINED: 5/31/09    POSTS: 38
Charleston Sprint Triathlon Race Report
POSTED: 7/15/09 6:01 PM

I did my first tri this weekend!! It was a sprint put on by the Charleston (SC) tri club, and it was pretty well organized, although since it was my first I don't have anything to compare it to. Only complaint is that despite the early start, it was HOT by the time we finished. And the pond we swam in was probably 90 degrees.

For my first tri, I guess I did ok. I came in at 1:29:44, but really my main goal was not to die on the swim, so I didn't care too much about the overall time. Literally. I started swimming 2 months ago, and at that point couldn't even make it across the 25 yard pool. So going 500 yards in open water was a big accomplishment for me. I was the last in my age group (I had read the "on being last" blog posted here a few weeks ago though so I'm cool with being last now) but made up for it, at least partially, on the bike. Plus, being slow in the water just makes going fast on the bike feel that much better :)

The bike course was really flat, and I realized that when I train I don't push myself hard enough on the bike, so that is my goal between now and the club championships.

In all, it was loads of fun and I'm totally addicted! I know I have a LOT of room for improvement, especially in the water, but seeing your times drop is half the fun.

I didn't have any major problems, except I have definitely picked up some tricks for the next time. I skipped the socks (couldn't be bothered), and am still nursing the open wounds on my feet so next time I'll be wearing socks for the run. Everyone was super friendly and encouraging though, especially after I told them it was my first one!

Charleston is great as well, with lots of fun places to eat and walk around and beaches!! It was well worth the drive, although I got a speeding ticket in Richmond :(

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