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Need swimmer and runner: Nations Tri
CREATED: 09/03/09 by LazyBonesMike REPLIES:
LazyBonesMike's ravatar LazyBonesMike    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 1
Need swimmer and runner: Nations Tri
POSTED: 9/03/09 1:23 PM

Anyone interested in doing the swim leg and or Run leg of Nations ?

So I was suppose to do a fire fighter team for Nations Tri this year... Sadly both other team members dropped out. In fairness they have good excuses. One fell through a floor, got burned and now needs more surgeries. The other got shipped off to Iraqi.
Now the team is down to me... I haven't been training for full tris this year and the people at Nations have been nice enough to let me try to get some more team mates ASAP.
Anyone want to to the swim and or run portion ? I thought I would still try to do the bike. Just looking to finish and have fun, now time restrictions.

let me know ASAP...

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