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NIH corporate discount for MAC
CREATED: 08/17/10 by laineym3 REPLIES:
laineym3's ravatar laineym3    JOINED: 7/2/10    POSTS: 123
NIH corporate discount for MAC
POSTED: 8/17/10 3:12 PM

I just got this email in at work. Discount for MAC (Montgomery aquatic center in rockville, MD). Thought I'd share for the NIH employees of DC Tri Club.

Good Afternoon!

Do you enjoy swimming as a way of maximizing your health and/or managing stress? If so, you may want to join the NIH Montgomery Aquatic Center (MAC) corporate membership, which this year saves NIH joiners nearly $210*.

If you think you may be interested in joining, please read the plethora of details below very carefully.

WHO: Eligibility applies to any NIH staff member who has both a valid NIH ID badge and a current NIH email address (e.g., NIH feds, contractors, interns, fellows, volunteers, etc), even if they live in another county. This offer doesn’t extend to family members or staff members of other DHHS agencies even with NIH ID badges.

WHAT: This group membership provides joiners with full access to the MAC (but not other county aquatic facilities). The MAC offers an indoor 8-lane L-shaped main pool divided into two 25-meter swim areas, a leisure pool, two hydrotherapy pools or hot tubs, an exercise room with new equipment, shower facilities, and saunas.

WHERE: 5900 Executive Blvd (about a 5-min walk across Old Georgetown Rd [or 2-min drive] from the NIH Neuroscience Center on Executive Blvd).

WHEN: To join, deadline for payment arrivals at the address below is August 31st . The membership will begin after I’m able to sign everyone up (about a week later, or possibly soon after the pool re-opens). The membership year is tentatively scheduled to begin September 7th, and end in mid-August 2011.

*COST: $150.00** per person (versus $360 if employees were to join in September as individuals). The only difference in membership types is group or “corporate” joiners may use only the MAC. Still a great deal—saving NIH joiners about $210.


Follow these 3-easy steps Very Carefully, or I won’t be able to sign you up. If you have NIH membership questions, please write to me only after you’ve carefully read these details. But call the MAC at 240/777-8070 if you have questions about swim schedules, swim hours, classes, etc.

STEP 1: To join by the August 31st deadline, first e-mail me at via your NIH address that you plan to join, or just respond to this email. (If you can’t get payment to me by August 31st , don’t email me yet; instead, email me after Oct 1—I plan to sign up a second wave in early Nov.)

Note: Owing to a very busy work schedule and a huge volume of joiners, I won't be able to (1) answer questions this email already addresses; (2) acknowledge your initial notifying email, nor (3) let you know of payment arrivals.

STEP 2: Send your payments to me via U.S. postal mail only or personal delivery (not interoffice mail) at the address below. In your envelope, include both of the following forms of payment:

(a) $10 in bill form or check for admin fee** checks can be made out to the R&W Association, and

(b) $140 check or money order only, payable to "MCRD" (Mont. County Rec. Dept). On the front of the check, you must include the following information, or I won’t be able to process it:

* NIH joiner's name;
* NIH joiner's direct office phone number; and
* NIH joiner's email address.

– If your checking account is in a name other than how your name appears in the “from line” after you’ve sent an NIH email, you must indicate the latter on the front of your check or I won’t be able to process it.

– If you're paying for more than one NIH staff person with the same check, they still must email me separately, and you must provide the above information for all joiners on the front of your check. Remember also to include $10 each (in bill or check form) in your envelope for all NIH joiners for whom you’re paying.

Mail your two payments in the same envelope via U.S. Postal Mail to:

Kallie Wasserman
NIH Recreation & Welfare Association
9000 Rockville Pike
Building 31, Room B1-W30
Bethesda, MD 20892

Geographic location is Bethesda, but if mailed locally, envelopes usually arrive at this address within one or two business days.

You may also drop off your payment at the R&W Office in Building 31, Room B1-W30. Please make sure your payment is in a sealed envelope with your name on the front.

STEP 3: WAIT for my email notifying you that you're an official member, about a week later. Even if the MAC has reopened, I may not be able to process everyone’s payments by that point, so please wait for my notifying email, which will include instructions on how to obtain your own MAC i.d. card.

Your membership will begin the day of my notifying email (by blind copy) that I've taken the checks to the MAC, but not sooner. If you try to swim before then, chances are high the MAC won't be permit you to use the facility.

After your membership begins, it will be valid until the MAC closes in mid-August 2011.

Other important information:

o A photocopy of each person’s check will be kept in a locked file both by me and the MAC, and will be shred after the membership year ends.

o This opportunity isn't part of any official federal fitness program, so neither R&W, NIH, nor any other part of DHHS can take responsibility for injuries or related problems that may develop as a result of using this facility. Use of the MAC must also be on employee's personal time only.

o Neither R&W, NIH more broadly, nor DHHS is necessarily endorsing the MAC. This group membership is merely the most affordable annual opportunity we're aware of.

o Before increasing your current level of physical activity, consult with your physician. The need for medical guidance also applies to the use of saunas and whirlpools, since some medical conditions or effects of certain medications could be worsened by sudden changes in body temperature and/or fluid levels.

o Included with your $10 admin fee is a R&W membership. To take advantage of ticket prices and special discounts simply show your NIH ID and MAC membership card at your nearest R&W store.

**Explanation of fee, but read this only if you're interested in the details:

The MAC fee for organizations or companies purchasing a corporate membership is $525. After an organization pays this amount, its staff members may then purchase an additional card for personal use ($140) to enable them to have free access to the facility. The $10 admin fee will also provide you with a R&W membership and supports the NIH Charities.

I look forward to assisting all of you with your MAC memberships!

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