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Reschedule IMVN (well a not so awesome version)
CREATED: 10/23/09 by tgrollman REPLIES:
tgrollman's ravatar tgrollman    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 298
Reschedule IMVN (well a not so awesome version)
POSTED: 10/23/09 11:20 AM

Hey all. Since the ride this Saturday has been beaten by Mother Nature, me and some other IM Cozumel and Arizona people are going to try this once again on November 7, 2009.

We will keep everything the same as scheduled for this weekend, just on the 7th. So, clip-in at 8am, same meeting area, ect.

This is a map of Cambridge and our meeting spot:

We will meet at Great Marsh Park. It's the red #2 on map. You can mapquest the directions. The cliff note version is to go from 495 to Rt50 and cross the Bay Bridge. Just stay on 50 until you get to Cambridge. The place were we meet is the literally at the swim start of Eagleman. There is a parking lot there that should be big enough to accommodate all of us. Our bike start is the exact spot of the bike start of the course.

The bike ride is pretty easy to navigate. There will be painted arrows on the surface of the streets to tell you where and when to turn. I've done the course twice with other DCTri folks in the past and I've never felt the need to bring along a cue sheet or map.
This is the map of our bike ride:

Tuan, please do sue me for copywrite infringement! :-)

Please let me know if your interested in joining.


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