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Swim Meet 101!
CREATED: 02/19/13 by rojojade REPLIES: 16
rojojade's ravatar rojojade    JOINED: 1/19/11    POSTS: 458
Swim Meet 101!
POSTED: 2/19/13 11:20 AM

Wondering how to jump start your 2013 training season? Here's an idea: Why not pop over to Catholic University this Sunday, February 24, and join us at the Club’s first swim meet of the year?!

Never competed in a swim meet before? Perfect!! You are our key demographic. This is a newbie-friendly event for DC Tri Clubbers only. Our Masters Swim Program coaches will walk you through the process -- beginning with an extended "pre-race briefing." They will also be on-hand to answer all your questions throughout the event.

You might be asking yourself – why should an awesome triathlete, like myself, sign up for this swim meet? Well, aside from the obvious reason (that it's clearly the best, most fun way to spend your Sunday morning), there are plenty more! Here are just a few:

- Use it to gauge your baseline fitness for your 2013 season training goals.
- Test how fast you really are in the water -- without the need to conserve energy for a long ride and run afterward.
- Practice your race strategy for your next tri with a pool swim.
- Find out how you stack up in your age group for swimming.
- Use it to properly determine your seed times for future swim meets!
- You've done single-event road races and cycling events. Why not a swim meet, too?
- An opportunity -- finally -- to jump off those blocks!

This meet is ONLY open to DC Tri Club members. Plus, for the real-deal newbies -- the ones who signed up under the compelling force of the persuasive powers of this ad, but are still wondering "what the hell am I doing" -- be sure to sign up for the “Newbie Challenge,” so you can compete againest other newbies!

Sign up here:

miataj's ravatar miataj    JOINED: 3/5/11    POSTS: 219
RE: Swim Meet 101!
POSTED: 2/19/13 11:35 AM

Dear DC Tri Club Board,

1, 2, 3, 4, I declare a relay war.
Bring your suits. And your humility.

And for those of you that want to see the war in action, register to race at the meet to see the awesome finale go down!

--xoxo, The Coaches

miataj's ravatar miataj    JOINED: 3/5/11    POSTS: 219
RE: Swim Meet 101!
POSTED: 2/20/13 12:51 PM

Hello everyone,

We are also looking for a few more volunteers for the swim meet! Please email or if you are able to help out!

The Coaches

bcfrank's ravatar bcfrank    JOINED: 3/23/09    POSTS: 1098
RE: Swim Meet 101!
POSTED: 2/20/13 2:45 PM

Is this a challenge for the 200 free relay, the 200 IM relay, or both? :)

-- THE Board. :::^)::

kst718's ravatar kst718    JOINED: 8/29/11    POSTS: 110
RE: Swim Meet 101!
POSTED: 2/22/13 12:33 PM

In prep for the swim meets (and race season), tonight's master's practice will focus on starts and turns. By "starts" we mean in-water (like in an open water swim), off the side, and off the blocks. (No diving boards, sorry!) And "turns" will include open-water turns (like around a buoy), open wall turns, and flip turns. There will be three coaches on deck, so you'll be able to work your skillz and also get in a good workout. We need to support the NCC mileage!

Click on the "programs" link on the left to sign up. Your first master's session is free, so you have nothing to lose. 7-8 PM tonight, Wilson Pool. See you there!

--Katie (one of THE COACHES)

rojojade's ravatar rojojade    JOINED: 1/19/11    POSTS: 458
RE: Swim Meet 101!
POSTED: 2/22/13 12:58 PM

Bryan -

The coaches opt'ed to take it easy on the board and give them a fighting chance - just a 200 free relay. ;)

-Catharine (one of THE coaches ... but not racing. ;)

bcfrank's ravatar bcfrank    JOINED: 3/23/09    POSTS: 1098
RE: Swim Meet 101!
POSTED: 2/24/13 1:09 PM

Nice job to Jules and all the Masters swim coaches for putting on a great meet today! Very well done! You all generated a great turnout. Speaks volumes. :::^)::

Also thanks to all the volunteers for helping out!

And next time Steph, you can swim too! ;)

rtroll's ravatar rtroll    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 510
RE: Swim Meet 101!
POSTED: 2/24/13 4:12 PM

I'll echo Bryan, one of the most successful club swim meets we've ever had!

As for the Board/Coaches challenge...Carlson and I discussed this and came to the conclusion that the masters coaches most certainly should beat us (and they did)...considering they are the cream of the crop when it comes to coaches in the DC area!

That said, there will be a rematch in the making for sure!


mweitzner    JOINED: 3/31/11    POSTS: 7
RE: Swim Meet 101!
POSTED: 2/24/13 8:04 PM

I will pile on with the completely deserved accolades--awesome event! It was extremely well run, and a blast. Jules and the masters swim coaches did a wonderful job.

dsgrunning's ravatar dsgrunning    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 1481
RE: Swim Meet 101!
POSTED: 2/24/13 8:14 PM

I agree. Very well run by all of the coaches. Lots of volunteers, even by the participants who took the initiative to help out with the lap counting while not swimming. It was the biggest crowd I've seen all of the years that I've been attending.

Steph and I had an agreement prior to the swim to volunteer instead of participate. We didn't want our speed to intimidate everyone :)


dmcelhare's ravatar dmcelhare    JOINED: 4/17/10    POSTS: 67
RE: Swim Meet 101!
POSTED: 2/24/13 10:34 PM

Great job organizing and conducting the swim meet today caoches and volunteers. Thanks for your efforts.
It was fun for participants of all skill levels.
Well done.


jberlow's ravatar jberlow    JOINED: 4/16/12    POSTS: 40
RE: Swim Meet 101!
POSTED: 2/25/13 8:46 AM

yes! thanks everyone and ato all the volunteers! special thanks to jules parents who came from out of town to help out!

I even learned that I went to the same high as Victoria Anderson. It's a small world in DC Tri.


jberlow's ravatar jberlow    JOINED: 4/16/12    POSTS: 40
RE: Swim Meet 101!
POSTED: 2/25/13 8:46 AM

i meant high school "typo"..

jxjia's ravatar jxjia    JOINED: 8/13/12    POSTS: 112
RE: Swim Meet 101!
POSTED: 2/25/13 9:50 AM

I had a blast too! It was well organized and a lot of fun. Thanks to Jules, the coaches, and all the volunteers!

mosered's ravatar mosered    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 2216
RE: Swim Meet 101!
POSTED: 2/25/13 10:08 AM

Also, at the start, a nice, evocative rendering of the Star-Spangled Banner by board member Abby.

Will the swim coaches pick a vocalist to compete a National Anthem smack-down with a board member singer at the next swim meet?...

abbyjs's ravatar abbyjs    JOINED: 4/7/09    POSTS: 699
RE: Swim Meet 101!
POSTED: 2/25/13 10:24 AM

Thanks for the shout out, Ed! It was fun. I think I was more nervous about that than the humiliation of being forced to swim in the relay and dragging the entire team down. :)

vkanders    JOINED: 7/4/11    POSTS: 136
RE: Swim Meet 101!
POSTED: 2/25/13 10:26 AM

Yeah, Jason, you find out the most awesome things when you decide to chat with the woman who lapped you in the 800 free, don't you :)?

Fun meet, and it was great to see people push their boundaries and try something that most triathletes are scared of.


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