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Tour de Cure - June 20th - Reston, VA
CREATED: 05/10/10 by kimpy421 REPLIES:
kimpy421    JOINED: 3/18/10    POSTS: 11
Tour de Cure - June 20th - Reston, VA
POSTED: 5/10/10 12:27 PM

If any of you are looking for a fun ride to do in June, join us for the Tour de Cure, a 12 thru 100 mile cycle ride in Reston, VA on Sunday June 20th. Only $25 to sign up, with a $200 fundraising minimum, and all funds raised goes to diabetes research, advocacy and education.

You can use this a training ride for your next half iron or iron man, or if you aren't interested in riding, we definitely could use your help as a volunteer! Volunteer opps include bike patrol, SAG, sweep, cheerleaders, registration, rest stops, and more.

Many of you may already be participating in the DC Tri. But if you have any interest in or questions about this event, please contact Kristen at or check out the website at

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