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Tri360 End of Season Celebration Party
CREATED: 12/09/13 by Tri360Kate REPLIES:
Tri360Kate    JOINED: 3/22/13    POSTS: 14
Tri360 End of Season Celebration Party
POSTED: 12/09/13 7:40 PM

Hi DC Tri,

We wanted to make you aware of a fun end-of-season event we're hosting this Saturday (12/14/13) at 4:30 p.m. Make sure to RSVP at the bottom of the description if you plan to come.

We believe there's no better cause for celebration than looking back at a year's worth of racing accomplishment and forward to a new year of goals!

Join us for a special celebration where you are all invited to show up and talk (brag) about your races amongst other athletes. Everyone will have the opportunity to share course knowledge and tips for their favorite races with other athletes in a mingling environment. Oh and, feel free to wear your race medals -- we're serious. Where else can you?!

We'll supply the food and beverages so PLEASE RSVP so we can have a good estimate for what we will need.

- Your friends at Tri360

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