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Acupuncturist Recommendation
CREATED: 02/04/13 by blustinc REPLIES:
blustinc's ravatar blustinc    JOINED: 8/8/10    POSTS: 23
Acupuncturist Recommendation
POSTED: 2/04/13 2:50 PM

If you are looking for a good acupuncturist, especially if you are in Maryland, see below from a close friend of mine, Rachel Brumberger.

The upcoming spring often brings back terrible allergies and the resurgence of old tendinomuscular injuries. I am a clinical acupuncture intern completing my clinical studies at Tai Sophia Institute My approach with acupuncture is that our bodies are incredibly wise; all symtoms are signals we can use for healing, well-being and taking care of ourselves more effectively. I can help you de-code what your body is communicating to you via pain signals and disease. That way we can make sure everything is flowing to keep you moving, training and clear about what your body needs in order for you to be well and stay well. Appointments available morning, afternoon and evening. Contact at 301.706.3884 or I'd be honored to work with you. Visit via web:

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