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Room for Rent in Clarendon, VA
CREATED: 06/06/14 by ARN25 REPLIES:
ARN25's ravatar ARN25    JOINED: 1/18/13    POSTS: 51
Room for Rent in Clarendon, VA
POSTED: 6/06/14 7:02 PM

Fabulous location---Close to metro, grocery stores, gyms, and restaurants in a safe and family-oriented area of Clarendon!

Available room is on the 2nd floor, approximately 10 x 15.5 feet with a large private bathroom (7 x 8.8 feet). Large window in bedroom and one in bathroom gives room lots of natural light. Six foot closet with sliding mirror doors. Room has hardwood floors and an area rug.

Rent is $1,000/month, not including utilities (water is included in the rental fees). Utilities usually run between $50-$75/month. The house is located half-way between the Clarendon and Virginia Square metro stations: It's about a 10-minute walk to either---very metro accessible. Street parking is available with an Arlington County vehicle permit ($20/year) and Arlington vehicle registration.

No pets and no-smoking permitted. Roommates would be three female professionals who are quiet and considerate---clean up after ourselves, take out the garbage, make sure the common areas are clean and presentable. We prefer the house have a grown up, family feel, rather than a frat house. We are fairly quiet during the week and go out to see the city and the surrounding areas on the weekends (museums, hiking, working out, eating out, etc.) We'd like a roommate with a similar lifestyle---several of us get up early to work out and/or work out after the work day so athletes will feel at home.

The house is a four bedroom, 4 and 1/2 bath townhouse, with four levels: basement room, den, laundry room and walk-out to back deck on the ground floor; kitchen, hall closet, half bath, dining room and living room on the first floor; two bedrooms on the second floor with a hall closet; and the attic room on the third floor.

Please respond if interested!

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