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Rent/Buy Wetsuit
CREATED: 07/16/09 by gjunio REPLIES: 7
gjunio's ravatar gjunio    JOINED: 3/9/09    POSTS: 14
Rent/Buy Wetsuit
POSTED: 7/16/09 1:26 PM

Any ideas on where I can rent/buy a wetsuit?
I'm doing my first Tri @ North East next month.


amcbride    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 40
RE: Rent/Buy Wetsuit
POSTED: 7/16/09 1:43 PM

Rent from Conte's for $35 or Bonzai.

Bonzai has a great selection, not sure about Conte's.

kmwpro's ravatar kmwpro    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 315
RE: Rent/Buy Wetsuit
POSTED: 7/16/09 4:09 PM

Are you sure you need a wetsuit at NorthEast?

JoeC's ravatar JoeC    JOINED: 7/10/05    POSTS: 215
RE: Rent/Buy Wetsuit
POSTED: 7/16/09 4:23 PM

I am pretty sure it was NOT wetsuit legal in 07 but was right on the edge. The website claims it should be but there is no way to know until race day.

Delnora's ravatar Delnora    JOINED: 3/16/09    POSTS: 10
RE: Rent/Buy Wetsuit
POSTED: 7/17/09 10:31 AM

The Conte's in Bethesda actually charges $50 for the rental, not $35 like their website at one point said. We were disappointed to find out. Pretty sure Bethesda Conte's only has full arms wetsuits.

jgeldner    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 33
RE: Rent/Buy Wetsuit
POSTED: 7/17/09 10:46 AM

i rented mine from
liked it so much i kept it. If you're going to do the online route, its worth calling to discuss sizing.

bcfrank's ravatar bcfrank    JOINED: 3/23/09    POSTS: 1098
RE: Rent/Buy Wetsuit
POSTED: 7/17/09 12:27 PM

As mentioned above, Bonzai Sports rents wetsuits for $35 for the week. I've rented from there twice and have had no problems or issues. Rented online, walked in picked it up,turned it in less than a week later and was done. Incredibly easy. They're down on Lee Hwy just inside the beltway. Easy access even for me coming from Rockville. for the rental website itself.

Amanda    JOINED: 9/10/09    POSTS: 10
RE: Rent/Buy Wetsuit
POSTED: 9/10/09 6:03 PM

I just talked to Darrin at Bonzai Sports. He can get you a suit for this weekends Nations Race. Call him on Friday at the store 703-280-2248. I just spoke with him and he has some suits set aside for DC Tri Club Members on Friday. He is in from 10-7. Make sure you tell him you are a DC Tri Club Member and referred by Amanda. Good Luck!

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