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Cycling Skills Clinic
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Cycling Skills Clinic
POSTED: 6/29/10 3:26 PM

Date: Wednesday, July 7 (rescheduled from Monday, June 28)
Time: 6:00pm - 7:00pm
Location: East Potomac Golf Course Parking Area, Hains Point
Cost: No fee to attend

Description: This clinic is the first in a series of cycling clinics that will be held this summer to help cyclists improve their cycling skills and confidence riding. This specific clinic will focus on drafting and pace-lining. Topics for future clinics include: bike-handling, echelons, cornering, riding hills, and bumping. Clinics are open to people of all level of cycling ability.

Bring your bike and helmet and come ready to ride!

Clinic Leader: Sonja Evers is the 2008 MidAtlantic Time Trial and Road Race Champion. A CAT 1 road racer, Level 3 cycling coach, professional mountain biker, and physical therapist, Sonja brings unparalleled expertise and experience to these clinics.

This clinic is presented by Sports and Spinal Physical Therapy. For more information, visit

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