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Half Iron Man Program - Content? Seeking advice
CREATED: 12/29/13 by Leocubillos REPLIES: 1
Leocubillos's ravatar Leocubillos    JOINED: 9/8/12    POSTS: 18
Half Iron Man Program - Content? Seeking advice
POSTED: 12/29/13 5:27 PM

Folks, hi. Writing to seek advice.

Can anyone walk me through the content of the HIP? This year I raced Timberman and it went well. Slow swim and struggled lots in the latter part of the run. WIll this program help me improve in the swim while enduring in the run?

Thanks in advance and have a great new year

bcfrank's ravatar bcfrank    JOINED: 3/23/09    POSTS: 1098
RE: Half Iron Man Program - Content? Seeking advice
POSTED: 1/01/14 11:02 PM

Hey Leonardo,

The details of the program can be found here: HIP Program Page. But to summarize, the program offers a lot of different aspects.
1) Training plan. Sure you can download a training plan off the web, but they aren't always designed by certified USATriathlon coaches who actually know what they're doing and how to devise a plan. So there's not certainty that the plan you found will get you ready for your Half IM or get you there with the goals that you have. While the plan from the program is not customizable to each individual, you do have options of challenging yourself (the Advanced training plan) or taking a less aggressive option (either the Beginner or Intermediate training plan). The differences between the plans can be found on the page above.
2) Fellow participants. It's not always easy to motivate yourself to get your workouts done, but with an excited group of program Co-Leaders and the other program participants, you have some friends to motivate you and help you get those long workouts in.
3) Group workouts and social events. The program puts together social events (happy hours) and the occasional group workouts so that you're able to meet your fellow program participants, get to know them, and develop training partners.
4) Informational clinics. This is really the meat of the program. You can download all the free training plans from the internet that you want, but they won't give you direct access to nutritional experts who talk about pre-, during, and post-race nutrition. They won't give you access to cycling experts who can talk about bike handling. They won't give you access to a coach who will sit down at Q&A sessions to answer things you might want to know.

So yes, this program can help you improve on the swim and endure on the run if you put in the effort to challenge yourself with the training plan, develop those training partners who will hold you responsible for those workouts, and most of all learn, learn and learn some more from the clinics.

If that sounds like it'll work for you, then sign on up.

Let me know if you have any more questions.

DC Triathlon Club Director of Programs

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