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For Sale--Camping Gear
CREATED: 10/08/12 by tycottrill REPLIES: 1
tycottrill    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 100
For Sale--Camping Gear
POSTED: 10/08/12 9:24 AM

Because I love gear, I often end up with more stuff than space so today is your lucky day. Make me an offer:

Mountain Hardwear Fifth Dimension sleeping bag
5 degree temp rating
synthetic insulation
water resistant shell

Sierra Designs 2-person tent
lightweight three season tent + footprint

Mountain Hardwear 3/4 length foam sleeping pad

Therma-rest self inflating sleeping pad


JessO's ravatar JessO    JOINED: 6/16/09    POSTS: 66
RE: For Sale--Camping Gear
POSTED: 10/08/12 10:33 AM

it IS my lucky day! I'll e-mail you off line, but am interested in that therma-rest and sleeping bag. too bad I just bought a tent! I promise I'll take them to some cool places. :)

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