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FS: 2006 Dura Ace Cervelo Dual
CREATED: 03/05/11 by nicoleshue REPLIES: 1
nicoleshue's ravatar nicoleshue    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 136
FS: 2006 Dura Ace Cervelo Dual
POSTED: 3/05/11 9:46 PM

Hey Ladies!

I'm moving, and need to lighten the number of bikes going back to, the Pink, Grey and Black Cervelo is FOR SALE! It retailed at $1900, and I'm asking $800. That's with a $150 tune-up that I'm getting this week on the bike.

Size: 48 - Aluminum Frame
• Fork: Wolf TT
• Seatpost: Cervelo aero 2-position
• Saddle: Cervelo TT special
• Front/Rear Derailleur: DuraAce
• Crankset: Gossamer FSA
• Bottom Bracket: FSA SLK MegaExo
• Headset: Can Creek
• Stem/Basebars/Aerobars: Visionetch
• Rims: Easton Vista (650c)

This is a perfect bike for someone who is just getting into triathlon, and has great potential, but doesn't want to spend $2400 in today's economy.

The bike is in good condition. There are a couple of paint chips and a scuff on the right side handle bars from yes, that first time I crashed on a bike. I loved this bike, and rode it to many podium finishes, and participated in the 70.3 World Championships! I am the only owner, and loved her like my baby. I got it regularly serviced and other than before a race, never spent a night outside! I am throwing in about 5 extra 650c tubes, an aero water bottle, Cateye bike computer, saddlebag, and CO2 cartridges for 650c tubes for FREE! That's about $150 in accessories.

Since we can't post pictures here, you can check it out at my facebook page, or at this Craig's List post:

amullins    JOINED: 12/28/10    POSTS: 5
RE: FS: 2006 Dura Ace Cervelo Dual
POSTED: 3/07/11 2:40 PM

Hi Nicole - If you have not sold the bike yet, I would be interested in learning more about it. I am in NTP and thinking of getting a used bike for starting out. Please email me at Thanks! Alison

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