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Wednesday Evening Trail Running!!
CREATED: 03/21/13 by DCCSRick REPLIES:
DCCSRick's ravatar DCCSRick    JOINED: 4/25/11    POSTS: 24
Wednesday Evening Trail Running!!
POSTED: 3/21/13 11:15 AM

Hello DC Tri Friends,

For those of you that wish to get away from the city, check out this FREE Trail Run each Wednesday evening, starting at 6 pm, from the Difficult Run Parking Lot off Route 193 (Georgetown pike). We run in Great Falls Park.

This run is open to runners of all paces and ability levels. We typically run between 5 to 10 miles; however you can run as short or as far as you wish. Many of our runners are training for ultra marathons, so if you want new training partners for longer trail races, you will have good company.

You will come back for more, I guarantee it!

Check it out at:

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