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RSVP - Plan Your Race Season is Wednesday!
CREATED: 10/23/12 by courtr26 REPLIES: 1
courtr26's ravatar courtr26    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 119
RSVP - Plan Your Race Season is Wednesday!
POSTED: 10/23/12 8:38 AM

I know this is a busy week with the annual meeting coming up on Saturday, but don't miss out on attending the Plan Your Race Season Seminar tomorrow night! And a keg will be tapped! What's more fun than drinking beer and discussing 2013 races?! :)

Here are the details:

Race Planning Panel Discussion with members from the DC Tri Snapple Team:
Wednesday, October 24th, 6:30–8:00pm

Ever wonder about training plans, peaking, recovery, "A" Races, or "Goal Races?" Here's your chance to learn from our own resident experts and ask questions to help you plan your 2013 triathlon season! The event will be at Revolutions Cycle in Clarendon and will start with a happy hour at 6:30pm followed by a 7:00pm panel discussion on Race Planning. The panel will consist of members from the DC Tri Snapple Team. The Club's Half Ironman and Ironman Program Coach, AJ Morrison, will be the moderator and on hand to answer questions about the Half Ironman and Ironman Training Programs. We will also be discussing key DC Tri Club races for the 2013 season. We want to be sure we have an idea of what questions people have ahead of time. Please submit your questions to

Please RSVP (link on home page under events and buzz) so we can plan accordingly for seating and beverages.

Hope to see you all there!!

Courtney - DC Tri Programs Director

lisakurdziel's ravatar lisakurdziel    JOINED: 1/30/11    POSTS: 21
RE: RSVP - Plan Your Race Season is Wednesday!
POSTED: 11/04/12 3:56 PM

Is there any way to hold another of these? I was in Miami racing the 70.3 there last weekend and missed this, but I'm really interested in planning my next season in a more organized way.

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