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best bike mechanic in town!
CREATED: 01/08/14 by ferguson REPLIES: 1
ferguson's ravatar ferguson    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 365
best bike mechanic in town!
POSTED: 1/08/14 6:59 PM

A friend and former coworker parted ways with Conte's and decided to start his own business...

Jason Harris
Trifecta Tuning

He provides top-notch / professional service, accepts credit cards, and is conveniently located 2 blocks from the Clarendon metro station.

He has been my primary bike mechanic for 2 years now and my bikes have performed flawlessly in training and racing (I wish I could say the same for myself!). I referred a few club members to him last year when he was just getting things going and all of them had a great experience. Now he's ready to expand his business so I wanted to open it up to the club.

Happy New Year and best of luck with your training & racing in 2014!!


CoachAJ    JOINED: 1/2/12    POSTS: 736
RE: best bike mechanic in town!
POSTED: 1/08/14 7:25 PM

I saw Jason Harris last season for a bike tune up and some other concerns. He fit me in and did an awesome job. I would highly recommend him...but if too many chime in, the secret will be out :)


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