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Waterman's Half roll call
CREATED: 09/26/13 by tgalbert REPLIES: 20
Kevin's ravatar Kevin    JOINED: 7/15/10    POSTS: 3
RE: Waterman's Half roll call
POSTED: 10/15/13 5:16 PM

I did the half and the rain was a distraction, but other than being careful while biking and having to keep my gear in plastic bags in the tranistion area, I thought the temps were much better to race in as compared to the Full-Half the week prior. Not being a strong biker, the rolling hills provided a challenge along with the feeling I was riding into the wind for most of the course. I liked the running 3 loops, but once again it had enough hills to make it challenging. I thought it was a well run race, it was good to meet some other DC tri people at the start and to see them along the course. I would prefer something else other than Bar BQ for a post race meal.

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