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Club Swim Program Co-Leader Position Available
CREATED: 09/21/11 by rtroll REPLIES:
rtroll's ravatar rtroll    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 510
Club Swim Program Co-Leader Position Available
POSTED: 9/21/11 8:23 AM

We are looking to fill 1 (maybe 2) co-leader position(s) for the newly forming Club Swim Program from October to December 2011 with the possibility to expand into 2012.

This position will be compensated (final details are being worked out but compensation would include some combination of stipend + program perks).

This position(s) will hold the following responsibilities:

- Serve as the administrative support for the program
- Act as the liaison between the program, WaveOne and the DC Tri Board of Directors
- Manage program communications including any special announcements about pool closures, etc
- Manage distribution of any program SWAG to new participants
- Manage program compliance (i.e. session check-in, ensure those who are participating have signed up, paid and are on the roster, etc)
- Advocate/promote the program to other club members or area triathletes
- As the program advances, WaveOne may look to equip you with coaching knowledge & skills whereby you would become coaching assistants to the program
- Other responsibilities as necessary

Basic requirements for the position:

- Time commitments are estimated at 6-8 hours per week (if we hire 1 co-leader), 3-4 if we hire 2
- Strong communication skills
- Good with people
- Program management skills, past experience managing similar programs is a plus

Please note that this is a new program and we will make mistakes so we are looking for someone who is excited about helping us define and evolve the program as much as they are a task master.

If you are interested please send an email to Ryan at with a few bullet points about yourself and why you'd be good for the role!


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