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February Workouts/Swimming
CREATED: 02/01/10 by legalmoose REPLIES: 1
legalmoose's ravatar legalmoose    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 237
February Workouts/Swimming
POSTED: 2/01/10 8:49 PM

The February workouts have been posted on the NTP page for download. They started today, so go get 'em if you haven't already!

For the folks who have not done swim workouts before - where the plan says "Swim 20-30 minutes" that does NOT mean to hop in the pool and swim for 20 minutes straight without stopping. Typical swim workouts as you get started will include repeats of swimming 25-50 meters/yards (typically one length of the pool or one out-and-back lap) with a rest at the end of the pool. When you get to the end of the pool, rather than concentrating on the time you spend at rest, focus on your breathing. Slow your breathing down so you can get 2-3 good, deep, full breaths, which will help bring your heart rate down some if it got elevated from anxiety, then head back out for another 25-50. Continue that as you're comfortable for the time listed for the workout.

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shanimcooke    JOINED: 12/7/09    POSTS: 5
RE: February Workouts/Swimming
POSTED: 2/03/10 1:21 PM

Hey all,
Here a website with swim workouts:

They have one plan that is designed to get you to a mile over six weeks or so but I'm sure you could stretch it out is you want to. There are other workouts as well. Might be helpful interms of structuring swims. I've enjoyed them.

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