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Free EZ8 Women's Running Boot Camp classes
CREATED: 05/29/09 by kpugh REPLIES:
kpugh    JOINED: 5/5/09    POSTS: 1
Free EZ8 Women's Running Boot Camp classes
POSTED: 5/29/09 9:44 AM

Hello Women Runners,

I wanted to let you know that I will be offering some free classes. It's a great way to check out EZ8 Women's Running Boot Camp risk free and meet some of the women who have gone through the program. We will meet at the Grant Statue
(in front of the Capitol facing the reflecting pool) at 5:4am on the following days:

6/3, 6/5, 6/8 and I'll have hill days on 6/12 and 6/19

My next session will be a short one- 4 weeks (12 classes). I've dubbed it EZ8 express and it will start Mon, July 6 and run through Friday, July 31st. It is usually an 8 weeks session but I will be in and out of town for much of June and August.

Cost for the 4 week session is $110 ($100 for DC Tri Members). That's only about $9 per class!

If you need something to get motivated to get through swampy July in Washington, please check us out. If you have any questions feel free to call, email, or check out my website.

All best,

Kathy Pugh
Certified EZ8 Running Coach

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